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About Isaiah

Isaiah Thompson is a star student at a local school in the area. Isaiah believes in making his own destiny with the help of God and his parents. Isaiah also believes by sharing his struggles and journey through life in hopes that he can help someone along the way.

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Isaiah has the pleasure of teaming up with 8 year-old #1 Bestselling author, Nicholas Buamah, to launch the initiative ‘Books Without Borders – GHANA’. These young superstars are all donating their books to send to Ghana to be delivered to the many schools and libraries. Nicholas will personally deliver these books this year 2019. You can follow his journey to Ghana on his Youtube channel @ YouTube – Nicholas Buamah.

The nonprofit is called, Books Without Borders – Ghana.

If you would like to purchase a book or to just donate to the cause your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  Make a donation today from you Isaiah's behalf by clicking the "I WANT TO DONATE" Button below.


To purchase or donate to the other  authors  on their behalf click here

Isaiah's Book Reviews

I am a special education teacher and I downloaded his book for my students! They are working every day on expressing themselves! Nice work kid!

Solid book. Recommended for those emotionally disruptive children that some of you have/know. Easy/ challenging read.

Teaching my son how to read and this is a good start for him to learn. When he goes to school he will know if he listens to the teacher and behaves he can stay in class and be anyone he wants to be in the future!